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couldn't find a thread dedicated to basketball, so thought I'll open one with some examples from the game Gmunden vs. Kapfenberg a month ago. All shot with 5DIII and 70-200 2.8 II. (The full set can be found here )

Any comments highly welcome, especially in terms of noise reduction - this is a topic where I'm just learning  :)

20130120-0327_Gmunden von stephan_n auf Flickr

20130120-0673_Gmunden von stephan_n auf Flickr

20130120-0789_Gmunden von stephan_n auf Flickr

Superb. My personal favorite is the 2nd one - you have really captured the moment, it's emotion, the effort on the faces! Well done :)

Thanks  :)

What do you guys think of the composition? I had to do a fair amount of cropping for each picture, but wanted to keep the surrounding players in the first pic and the referee in the background in the second pic - as well as the distance to the floor, obviously. The third one I could have kept landscape but I felt the other players in the background would have been a distraction.

I also love the second pic, got here the next frame which shows how the player has his eyes on the ball and the basket, but is has much less drama in it:

20130120-0674_Gmunden von stephan_n auf Flickr

Have to say they pull some extravegant faces  :o

Recently I started shooting basketball at my son's team. The 135/f2 is a good lens for that (using it with my 5D II or 1D Mk III)



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