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Need help to determine this deal !!

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Hi Gentlemen,

I want to buy Canon 5D Mark III with lens kit EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM. I found it in RytherCamera (via Google Shopping) about $3700 with many accessories like tripod, memory, flash ... etc,

could someone advise me if it is a good deal or there is something suspicious about it?!!
the reseller got high rating in Google Shopping, but the 5D M3 with the same lens kit in amazon about same price without all these accessories, which confused me  :-\

could anyone give me a clue here,
I'm switching from video camcorder to DSLR

here is the link:

appreciate your help

There are lots of very unpleasant and bad experiences posted on a variety of websites regarding this business. I have had no personal experience with them but let the buyer beware.

$3600 from a number of known sellers.  So what in this specific kit will you really use, and compare that to the hassle that may be encountered.  To each their own, and if you want to walk in and do business, it would be much easier.  But to deal with them remotely may not be worth the possible issues.


when you get the same price from a respectable dealer i would strongly advise you to buy it there. Those accessories listed are crap and no way worth it taking any risk. In my opinion it's no use buying a Pro camera with a pro lens for >$3000 and then using worthless junk as tripot, flash, (slow/unreliable) memory card etc.

If you want a tripod - get a quality tripot, if you want flash - get a quality canon flash. It may seem expensive to invest another $1000 in accessories but in the end it will be WAY cheaper since you will not have to buy twice. And don't forget to think about the environment too!

Are you OK with gray market? You may want to confirm USA warranty...


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