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Will the 70d have a new sensor?

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I believe that it will have the same 18mp sensor (hope Canon will prove me wrong!). In fact I think that Canon will introduce the new sensor in 7d ii..

Of course a camera is a lot more things than the sensor and Canon cameras are great overall, but it 'd be nice to see a new aps-c sensor!

Me thinks new incremental improvements within the legacy technology.  That 6d over 5d3.  Otherwise 70d would steal the 7d2 thunder

Neither the 70D nor the 7D mkII will have same or better low ISO-performance. Not a chance. Crop vs FF etc.

Four FF bodies in the current line up (if you include the 5D mk II), and four different sensors (22MP, 21MP, 20MP and 18MP). Six crop bodies in the current line up (7D, 60D, 650D, 600D, 1100D, EOS M), just two sensors - 18MP and 12MP - if you count the with PDAF and without PDAF versions of that 18MP sensor as one.

I can't see any reason to carry on with using just one sensor across the range other than entry level - why not develop more than one, like they have in their FF cameras? They sell so many more crop bodies than FF, you'd have thought if they were going to share tech anywhere it would be in the FF range, not crop.

If Canon start to show the same level of R&D in crop sensors as they do in FF, there's no reason why the 70D couldn't come with a new sensor, followed by the 7D with yet another.

Yes the major  differentiation points  will be in pixel pitch and AF .  But within the same general technology cycle there are incremental improvements in the raw output of the sensor itself  and I expect we will see this in the crob bodies too


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