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I am a new photographer and would like to start sending out "my book" to potential clients and I am lost on where to find a place that specializes in these books.  I don't want a blurb book, because I would like something that I can constantly tailor the images, and order of images around so a post style book would be ideal.  Can you as fellow photographers point me in the right direction where I can find a company that makes these books?

Thank you in advance,

I've had great experiences with Adorama books. Check 'em out.


--- Quote from: RLPhoto on March 01, 2013, 01:41:20 PM ---I've had great experiences with Adorama books. Check 'em out.

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Around here, local Kodak dealership provide a photo book at a very reasonable cost.

Personally, I have my portfolio on my iPad that can be kept up to date at all times. Great when meaning clients at their homes or businesses.


I appreciate the information, but I don't want a photo book as the type Adorama sells since I would like to be able to arrange as necessary and I feel that these type of books are for consumers after their wedding or senior portrait session.

With the iPad, that may be a great idea if the clients you are to meet are in your local area and have the time to meet you, but I would like something that I can organize, take out or put in images in an order tailored to a prospective client or editor. 

I guess what I meant by photo book, is a photo binder, my apologies.

Mt Spokane Photography:
It sounds like you want a photo album.  where you can insert, remove, or re-arrange pages. There are tons of them available, but they are used less and less by professionals, IPads have become very popular for what you want to do and the pages do not get dirty or tattered.  The advantage to using a Ipad is that you will also give the impression of being up to date with the latest technology rather than 1980 ish.


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