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The Next Zeiss Lenses? [CR2]

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--- Quote from: silat shooters on March 14, 2013, 02:15:02 PM ---I recently attended the NANPA Show in Jacksonville, FL and Zeiss had a booth there.  They had the 55mm f1.4 and examples shot with it compared to the their 50mm f1.4 ZF.2 and the difference was truly beyond NIGHT AND DAY!! No exaggeration!

It was AMAZING!!  They had 100% Blow-up from various spots within the frame, corners, highlights, textured areas, etc both shot at f1.4 and anyone who looked at it reacted the same way - WOW!!  The results wide open were spectacular! 

They seem to hint that Canon would be joining the hi-meg count megapixel game shortly.  Apparently the current line of Nikon and Canon lenses are out-resolved by the new sensor of cameras such as the D800. 

So we'll see the 55mm first followed by a 28mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.4 shortly.  Asked why no AF, and was told that Canon and Nikon guard their technology and only open it up to Japanese companies.  That would explain Sigma and Tamron being able to have AF in EOS and F mount. 

But they said these will be "the best optics in the DSLR world PERIOD.  The lenses won't be cheap, hinted at roughly $4K dollars.  But must say, I was IMPRESSED!

--- End quote ---

Sweet! Thanks a lot for sharing, I hope others seen it first hand join in and share what they see and feel.

I started saving a long time ago :P

Does anybody know if Zeiss 100 f2 makro is going to be updated any time soon?


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