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Hi All
I own a Canon Ixus 960 IS with the fitting case WP-DC19. I search now for an inexpensive flash which I could use. One I saw is the Ikelite AF35 which might be useable.
It has to survive diving depths of 40 meters, should use rechargeable batteries and, most important, should work as a Slave which gets triggered by the built in flash.
Any recommendations?

Stewart Sy:
Canon OEM housings while rated to 30-40meters don't do well at that depth.  The housing body flexes and the controls sometimes lock up.  Other flashes to look for are by Intova, Bonica or Ultramax.  Get the ones that have a fiber optic cable that covers the camera's small flash.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info. Sadly all those brands aren't sold here in Switzerland :(

Bought now a Sea&Sea YS-01 for a quite good price, including several accessories. Now it's time for a dive to check it out :D

This is very nice post thanks! :-*

Johni Imtiaz..!!


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