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Nikon to announce a new 80-400 VR lens this week?

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Nikon Rumors is abuzz with the news of a new Nikkor AF-S 80-400 f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens ... could this prompt Canon to announce a new version of 100-400 L IS in the near future? ... personally I doubt that Canon would.

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nikon press center Nikon announcement this week

A quick update: the March 14 date is the actual Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR release date for Japan. I expect the shipping date for the two new Coolpix cameras also to be before the end of March. This means that the official announcement should be this week - probably on Wednesday or Thursday (for some reasons Nikon prefers to introduce new products in the middle of the week). The quick availability of the newly announced products makes sense - Nikon wants to sells as much as possible before the end of this quarter (March 31). This is also probably the reason why the Nikon D7100 will be available a week earlier (March 14th). The Nikon instant lens rebates were also extended till March 31st.

This lens has been long overdue for replacement - numerous patents were filed in the past and the lens had a designated internal number for years. My guess is that Nikon had this lens ready for a long time, but their current financial situation pushed them to release in now (together with the D7100 and the new DX compact camera) in order to meet their financial goals. The expected price is ¥275,000 (around $2,900, US price will be lower).

A little late to the 1998 USM party nikon?

I guess its better late than never ... the dark side has been desperately waiting for this lens for a very long time

With no new Canon 400/5.6 or 100-400/5.6 in sight this could mean Nikon take over the prosumer 400mm sector particularly if this lens is allied to the 24Mp DX bodies they already have in production.

If this lens is really sharp it should be a great performer with the D7100. Wake up call for Canon - where are your new 400/5.6 lenses?

Add in the new crop feature of the D7100 and you can see what Nikon is proposing.  A low price wildlife camera/lens with reasonably good image quality.  Canon will likely respond with an update to the 100-400 lens this year.  I don't think the 400/f5.6 will get replaced but just go EOL. 

The next question is how Canon will respond to the D7100.  A 7D2 for $2k is a different animal at a much higher price.  Canon would need a true upgrade from the D60 when they announce the 70D.  An incremental upgrade would not cut it.


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