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Doubts on 1Ds AF.

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Last week I've received my second hand 1Ds MkIII. I'm very happy about it since it is in very good condition. I started taking pictures in my usual way, focusing on the central sensor. Perfect focus and exposure.
Now, considered the sofisticated AF system of this camera, I started testing with AF but I found very difficult to get a sharp focus in that mode. I contacted the CPS and they told me to send them the camera for a tune up of the AF sensors. Is it any chance that I'm doing any mistake configuring the AF mode? Is it possible that I get a sharp focus with the central sensor and na out of focus with the other ones?

What lens were you using?

You should always calibrate your gear. I could be that you are using an AF-sensor that is not a crosstype, which makes it harder for it to get focus. It also depneds on the max aperture of your lens how good AF will be. Also the contrast of the subject. So if you are trying for it to fail, you will succeed, but as I said; calibrate it first, it has helped me from "no good" to "never misses an image"...

It is lens insensitive. (100mm L Macro IS, 100-400 L, 16-35 L II, 24-105 L). I always microadjust my camera+lens, but the point is that focusing on the central spot the focus is just perfect, no matter the lens. Bad focus happens just with the AF (full sensors)...

You mention it's a second hand camera, could it be that the previous user has set a particular micro focus adjusment (if it has the option, I have never touched this camera)
try a factory reset of all the settings


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