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5DIII+35mm or 50mm?

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Hello I'm using 35mm f/1.4 for 2 years, and really want to give 50mm f/1.2 a try. Just wondering which is better for "walk around" & Portrait?anyone list 2 difference and experience?

get 50mm and sell 35 or keep both? or 50mm+16-35mm?

Please give me some advice thanks  :)

For portrait, I'd say the 50mm hands down.  But that really depends on the shooting situation and style.  If you're doing full body shots and don't have the space, the 35mm is really your only choice.

As for a walk around... it's again pretty dependent on what you generally shoot, but that's a toss up to me.  The 50mm obviously a more normal lens, and would probably be more versatile.  But I personally shoot a lot of architecture and landscape, so I'd probably lean more towards the 35mm if given only one choice.

Bottom line, it's completely up to you!

Random Orbits:
I like the 35 better for walk around and I like the 50 better for portrait.  The question you have to answer first is which focal length would you rather have large apertures.  If you don't intend to use the 50 much wide open, then something like the 24-70 II is a better choice.

Depends only on you.
I simply love my 35/1.4.
Why? This is my favorite: persons and a bit of the surrounding scene, softly blurred away.
The 50/1.4 I don't take often; IQ is good too, but.....
What would life be without these sweet paon of decisions.
Good luck, and have fun with your chosen one!

This may ultimately come down to you choosing a 'standard' of choice between 50mm and 35mm lengths. While I favor the 35mm as my standard, there are excellent photographers out there who have chosen 50mm as theirs. You need to follow your own instincts.

You can have your cake and eat it too for cheap...  Keep your 35L and get the affordable 50 f1.4 which is a good lens in its own right. Or go with 50L and choose a cheaper 35mm. Beware however, 50L is more deliberative in AF and has certain quirks when compared to the f1.4...equally the 50 f1.4 will never generate that sought-after dreamy look the 50L produces.

To answer your 16-35 query...the 35mm pictures from the zoom at f/2.8 will not look anything like what you will get from the prime 35L wide open or even at f2.8. The 35L, though old, is an excellent prime still and has its own unique look.



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