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Hey guys,

As the subject suggests I'm just trying to get my work noticed... I'm mainly focusing towards water sports / Surfing... I've posted 7 pics on flickr so if anyone would like to have a look and has some constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated...


Alex I don't see anything necessarily wrong with them. Obviously volume is your friend so 7 pictures probably won't do it. I'm also not necessarily sure Flickr is the best way to go about getting "noticed" but its certainly a start. Ideally what would you like to happen?  Just sell a few images and keep up the hobby, or do you really want to give it a go as a pro?

These samples look underexposed - especially in the area of the subject's faces. It looks like you were shooting on a grey kind of day, and that adds to the overall dark look. Boosting the saturation on the equipment and brightening things up a bit would add some pop to the images. Shooting against the white spray is almost guaranteed to make other things in the image underexposed - so compensate in camera, or selectively lighten key areas in post.


What are you hoping for?  Post your pictures and a flood of kudos to pour your way?  Are you hoping to be paid for your photos?  Hoping these people in your photos find your photos and pay top dollar for them?  Or are you simply seeking for self assurance that you did a good job?  I'm kind of confused what and how you wish to go from here?  Your photos look a tad under, but that's also because its an overcast day from what I can tell and bumping up the exposure would crush your highlights...  lights wont typically work at that distance so you're in a tough spot...  If your looking to build your chops and perhaps get published or get paid, publish your work... submit them to a local newspaper or magazine or blog or forum.  Get some printed and bring some with you on your next photo shoot, assuming this is the photography you want to be known for.  Get in front of a larger audience rather than posting on flicker and expect the world to come to you.  Put yourself out there... let yourself be judged not only by canonrumors and the occasional person who stumbles on flickr, but everyone.  Then you'll know where to go from there.  If your looking for self assurance... good job, go get a cookie.
I have to ask why you want to get noticed? And who do you want to notice?

If it's just an ego thing, flood all the photo sites (Flickr, FB, Red Bubble, that 500 site, etc.) and cultivate many contacts/friends. Comment favorably on all their images, and they will all come back and tell you how awesome and fabulous yours are. You may or may not create good images, but you'll feel good about it -- if that's what you want.

If you want to get noticed in a business sense and sell images and/or services, you'll probably have to go in a whole different direction. If you want to get to that level, I'd suggest training and experience over time. Eventually contacts are built up and a business plan can be executed.

If you want genuine critique, I'd suggest you leave EXIF intact when posting pictures or explain how each image was processed and what equipment was used. You've got an enormous amount of equipment, I suppose from having worked at Jessop's.

For help here, you might be specific about where you'd like to go. Maybe answer the old job interview question, where do you see yourself in five years?

Perhaps it's less about photo critique and more about career planning?


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