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Is there anything I can improve on this gear list?

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So I made the jump to FF with my 5D

I love it so much and I feel like it was a step up from my T1i. Thanks to everyone who helped me on this forum haha.

My new question is what should my lens set up be? I currently have theses lenses for my 5D:
-Canon 17-40 f/4 (upgraded from a Tamron 17-35 f/2.8-4.0)
-Canon 50mm f/1.8
-Canon 70-200 f/4

Is there any other lens that I should be looking at? I mainly shoot at family parties and friendly gatherings. Occasionally I do some landscape photography and interior/exterior photography of buildings
I'm thinking about getting a Canon 24-105 but I have lens that already cover that focal length. I do want some primes like the Canon 35mm f/2 or the Canon 100mm f/2 (not the 2.8 macro).

I think I'm set for flashes since I have a 580exII and 430exII. Anyone have any suggestions for expanding my gear list?

Random Orbits:
Try out what you have for a bit, and you'll know what to get next.

If you liked the 50 on the crop, then a fast 85 or 100 f/2 makes sense on FF for portraits and I'd suggest getting that next.

The question on whether or not to get the 24-105 depends on how often you'd prefer a single walk-around lens rather than bringing 2 or 3 lenses.  It's a matter of convenience.  If you choose to skip the 24-105, then the 35 f/2 makes more sense.

If you are seriously considering the Canon 35mm f/ may want to take a good hard look at the new Sigma 35mm f/ is the same price, quite a bit sharper and an f-stop faster...
That's a lot of pluses ..the only downside is that it's larger...that may be really important to some.
I like my Canon L lenses...but Zeiss and Sigma can fill in the weak spots sometimes!

Mt Spokane Photography:
Typically, you will need a longer focal length lens than you used with a crop.  So, if you used 200mm on your crop, you'd want a 300mm lens or longer. 

Use what you have, to see if you actually need the longer focal length. 

The 300mm f/4 is very good, but so is the 70-300mmL and the 100-400mmL and the 400mm f/5.6L.  Canon is very strong in longer focal length lenses, so you will have a good selection of relatively low priced (but not cheap) ones to pick from.

If you want to be more creative and develop your photography skill, you should consider getting a tilt/shift lens. Canon has a strong lineup with 17mm, 24mm, 45mm and 90mm. They are all very sharp but of course you have to focus manually.


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