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Re: Canon 50 L II
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And the 135mm f/2L is still going strong at 17 years.

That beautiful thing is 17 years old?  :o

Honestly... 17??

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Re: Canon 50 L II
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Re: Canon 50 L II
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Hello there,

I Have now a 50 1.4 and thats the length that I love most for portraits. I tried more 50L but I dont fell them that much better than my 50 1.4.

What do you guys think? When will a new 50 1.2 be released?


I don't think there will be anything like that any time soon. Others may know more details and history but it's my understanding that basically there are only a few lens designs really and most of them go back many decades. So the question is what exactly they should improve in your opinion. Touching the lens formula would simply result in a different lens which can be a good thing or not depending on what you like or do not like about the 50L. The rest is physics and I defer to the experts here to explain it. But from what I understand making some of the stuff go away that some users (or non-users probably) complain about, such as the "front focus issue" would result in a lens with different bokeh. Same with the CA from what I remember. These "flaws" are there for a reason.
If you don't like it then there is the very old and successful design that is also part of the 50 1.4 and others like it.

What else could be done? Better build quality perhaps. The 50L is very solid but there are probably a few little details that could be improved. Preferences there also will vary. I'd like to have it as an all metal construction for example and the front part where the hood screws on not just glued in. The 50 1.4 could use an overhaul in that respect. Not sure if that's happening though when the entire industry (with the exception of Leica I suppose) is moving towards more plastic not less.

Leaves us with better coatings or other glass types. Not sure how much room there is for improvement without totally breaking the bank.

In other words: I'm overall quite happy with my "old" lens and so will likely most users be. The situation I think is different from zooms. Zooms overall are still comparatively new and it's only been in the last 20 years or so that they perform really well. 50mm lenses on the other hand I wouldn't expect to change much.

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Re: Canon 50 L II
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