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Canon Rumors:
Tweet Canon PowerShot SX280 HS Coming Shortly
The most interesting spec is the “DIGIC 6″ that is being reported. We expect to see this camera officially announced this week, lets see if that DIGIC 6 is a typo or not. Specifications
* 20x Zoom
* Wifi
* Full HD
* DIGIC 6 cr
Digic 6??????

You mean I've got a 5D3, and I'm now out of date!!!!

Oh, Canon, what have you done to us!!!!!!

I believe it IS a Digit 6...  That Digic 5+ is getting long in the tooth in computer terms!   ;D :o

Well, the rumored small DSLR was specced with Digic 5. Unlikely they'd announce a powershot with a more advanced processor at the same time. So I'd guess one or the other is an error.

But then, what do I know.

Don Haines:
Some camera has to come out with the Digic 6.... If they are in production it makes no sense to not use it.


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