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Whoop-dee-doo. Now where's my 135mm F/1.8L IS?


--- Quote from: RLPhoto on March 18, 2013, 01:07:22 PM ---Whoop-dee-doo. Now where's my 135mm F/1.8L IS?

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This had to come  ;)   ;D
Patience, patience.....

Oh...happy happy joy joy!  :P


--- Quote from: on March 18, 2013, 12:18:07 PM ---.
Digic 6??????

You mean I've got a 5D3, and I'm now out of date!!!!

Oh, Canon, what have you done to us!!!!!!

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--- Quote from: Freelancer on March 18, 2013, 12:23:44 PM ---DIGIC6 ??

that would be great. but i guess it´s a typo.

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Why not? Digic 5 was first introduced in the Powershot S100 (Dec 2011), if I recall it right. Correct me if I'm wrong, my memory's no longer what it used to be  :( . And Digic 5+ may likely be still better than digic 6. Maybe we'll see the Digic 6+ in the 70D and 7DII, who knows...

DIGIC 6 to appear first in a PowerShot??
I guess this correlates with the DIGIC 5, as well.


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