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What other website do members frequent?

I have spent some time on dpreview but not much these days.
RobGalbraith has a day job so his site is not updated
Occasionally visit Luminous Landscape

Other sites recommended for a nature photographer and photographer in general including PS tools


I hit the blog all the time, see if there's something new. His posts are almost always quite insightful, and always interesting.

Less photo related, I keep up to date with and, but those are much more tech/news sites. And of course XKCD for my funnies.

EDIT: fix url link

this is my only forum, and as of other websites I check for pictures and articles: and however that might not be exactly what you are asking  :)

digital paradise:
POTN is the one of the best

DPreview is OK but gets into endless about a sensors performance. It was tough on newbies in the mid 2000's but better now.

Was good when it started but slowed down

My on camera flash guru. His books are good.

Syl Arena. Master of the Canon flash

Two lens review sites.

Petapixel is pretty nice, I think, and the lens comparison tool on the-digital-picture is excellent, with many good reviews too.

Also, Fred&Miranda forums.


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