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--- Quote from: Agitato on March 21, 2013, 07:56:23 PM ---Not a review/gear site but nice for inspiration! A lot of photos from renowned photographer classified by theme.

NB: First post on CR, hi all  :D
--- End quote ---
Hi ;) Saw 'inspiration' and wondered why Flickr hasn't been mentioned yet - probably because EVERYONE uses that ::)

Yes I am interested in other photographer's work as well as photography in general.

My short list ...

Photography Related:

Canon Watch

Online Photographer

Luminous Landscape


Digital Image Maker


Analog Photography Users Group

Large Format Photography Forum

Rangefinder Forum

GetDPI forums

Fed Miranda

Computer Related:

Maximum PC

tom’s hardware



The Stig has got it right with the BBC site. Oh and has the newest season for us gearheads.

What about videos? Digitalrev (is okay good) and Thecamerastoretv (eh?) on Youtube. Don't make a decision from what they say or what you can see on a 720p Youtube vid, but always entertaining.

Also 43rumors, Leicarumors, Fujirumors...and what's that other brand again? Ah yeah Nikon rumors.

And why's there no Sigmarumors for those interested in the DP Merrill cameras?

i like adorametv


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