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Does anybody on this forum use portrait professional at all? The ads do not really do the program justice and take everything to the extreme. I find it easier to touch up some quick portraits on this than to use lightroom. I think it's great for slight adjustments such as skin smoothing and things like that. If anybody does use it, do you have any tips or thoughts on it?

Not being a Photoshop-expert, I do use PP for optimizing skin and emphasizing eyes. Whereas, the more you remove imperfections before,  e.g. with Lightroom, the smoother you can use PP. Indeed the default settings are inacceptable, but the tool as such is great. One sample here

BR, Thomas

Portrait Professional is a huge time-saver for me, especially for those casual gatherings and group shots when you have tons of shots usually with multiple faces in each.  Many of the people at these events are not young, so the ability to quickly clean skin imperfections of multiple faces in each shot is a god-send.  One just needs to be careful with the sliders and not overcook it, especially with face contour controls.

I use it. But I had to learn not to turn the sliders to max possible...
In general I do apply the filters I personally can achieve satisfactory results.
Than I take a pause of 1-2 hours and than I review my result ... to conclude in reducing most filters by 50% or even more.


I do not use Portrait Professional but I use Perfect Portrait 2 from OnOne and find it is simple and easy to use and speeds up my work flow when taking pictures at family events.  I use it because it came with with a whole suite of plugins for LR and PS.  I like the results and generally use less softening than the default.  It is easier than using NIK, Lightroom, or Photoshop. 


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