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Trying to draw viewfinder sizes on screen

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I am trying to make a little tool for myself to compare viewfinder sizes. I do get some results but the rectangles seem to be a bit small I think. Probably interpreting some values wrong. Can someone please have a look?

The colors in red are the 6D's sensor size, magnification, viewfinder coverage and aspect ratio respectively.

magni = ((35,8 mm * 23,9 mm) = 855,62 mm2) * .71x = 607,4902 mm2
surface = (magni * 97%) = 589,265494 mm2
edge = sqrt(surface) = 24,274791327630398396804364790437 mm) * 2 = 48,549582655260796793608729580875 mm
aspec_part = edge / (3 + 2) = 9,7099165310521593587217459161749 mm
width = aspec_part * 3 = 29,129749593156478076165237748525 mm
height = aspec_part * 2 = 19,41983306210431871744349183235 mm
width_px =(width * 0,0393700787) = 1,1468405339938635232734500043636 inch * 72 dpi = 83px
height_px = (height * 0,0393700787) = 0,76456035599590901551563333624242 inch * 72 dpi = 55px

Below are the results I get.


They look small probably due to the same reason big screen TVs look smaller in a big box store like Costco or Sam's Club.  The boxes are on a large white area, so they appear smaller.  Remember, the actual finders are only about a centimeter away from your eye instead of a few decimeters or feet.

I wanna see the 1100D one, please

There you go. If anyone can tell me these calculations are correct I could make a public tool out of this.

Ok I found a flaw. I assumed my Dell U2410 had 72 dpi, which I guess is from the old analog days, but it actually has 94 dpi. But I'm still not sure if the calculations are correct at all. Anyone?

update result pic with dpi


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