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Author Topic: Additional Rebates on the 9000 Mark II & 9500 Mark II Via Canon USA Tomorrow  (Read 5712 times)

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Starting July 29, 2011.

The Pixma 9000 Mark II and Pixma 9500 Mark II will receive additional rebate amounts when purchased with a Canon DSLR. Both printers have mail in rebates if bought on their own. The rebates will become official tomorrow. I hear you’re basically going to get a free A3+ printer with the purchase of any Canon DSLR.

New Printers Coming?

Yes, we’ll see new A3+ printers announced in the coming weeks. I’ve been told there will be a 12 ink solution.



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I've been waiting to see their new offerings since the mysterious display at the Canon Expo in NYC last September.  They had a countdown clock on a mysterious box which promised a revolutionary printer (or something to that effect).  The countdown ended quite a while ago so the new printer is past due.

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According to Bryan Carnathan, there was a lens deal from somewhere around the 29th-ended the 31st with similar ($500) savings through much of the EF lens lineup.  Did anybody see that?  I've been looking around to see if I couldn't spot the actual rebate and outside of The Digital Picture have seen no evidence it existed (i.e., no PDF to read, no announcement on Canon's site that I found, etc).

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