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Re: 5D Mark III
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Any rumors of a newer 5D Mark III or it being upgraded.  I am about to buy one and if a newer model is around the corner I can wait.
Seriously??? It's only been out for like a year... has it been a year??  Buy one.  You'll love it. ;D

Yea, agreed, if you want to get a superb Camera, just get the 5DMK III, if you wait for the 5DMK IV it'll be at least another 2 years I would think.

And I've had the 5D & the 5DMK II, and there were a load of improvements between the 5DMK II & the 5DMK III, as has been mentioned in this thread, the 61 Point Autofocus alone made this upgrade well worthwhile, I personally see very few missed shots on the 5DMK III compared to the 5DMK II where I felt the centre point was about the only focus point worth using, it was great, but zilch compared to the new 61 Point system.

You could wait for the new "High MP" Camera, my feel is 2014, sometime, but I also feel Canon will drop a 40MP Sensor into a 1D body, my reason for thinking this is that having owned, and sold, the nikon D800 I found among a few detracting things, the 4 FPS was just hopeless (Menu system put together by a monkey on Crack Cocain being another), so another Camera out there thats +/- 40MP & 4 FPS is not going to do it, it'll just compete with the D800 and I think that Boats been & gone, so I would like to hope that Canon will see this, put 40MP & 7 FPS into a 1D body that gives us the same weather sealing as the 1Dx, but not the 12 FPS of the 1Dx. Alongside the 1Dx this would be a Magic Combo, obviously it'll be a 8K Camera, which would not compete with the 2k D800, but I could see it selling very well to the Top end Pro/keen amateur market.
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Re: 5D Mark III
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Re: 5D Mark III
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I didn't say there's anything wrong with the mkIII, nor did I say that it isn't an improvement over the mkII, just that it seems like a fairly mild evolution rather than a revolutionary update. For instance, the pixel resolution is only slightly better, doesn't have a touch screen, GPS, or even a built-in intervallometer, and while the video mode has received some tweaks and does have less moire, it was also a very mild update.

Once again, not saying that it's not a better camera...I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't think it was. Just that I don't think Canon deserves praise for pulling out all the stops with R&D because I think they could have done better (and I think we should hold them do higher standards and urge them to do better...these are not cheap products!).


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Re: 5D Mark III
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Sure C. is developing something new.
And I am sure, also a new FF.
They always will.

Time will tell.
You can be sure by buying a 5d3 to have a good tool now.  ;)
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Re: 5D Mark III
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