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Re: Random Thoughts
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What do you do when....

A photo lab renders a photo that doesn't match your edit?
You need to provide them with a file that matches their printer profile.  They should make a copy of the profile available. Start Here:   http://www.drycreekphoto.com/Learn/profiles.htm

A client thinks you are a photoshop guru who can make the photo look totally different from what was present. For example, I've had brides want me to change a horses ears from being pricked backward to forward, remove salt shakers from tables, etc. What is appropriate and reasonable in this circumstance? I am a photographer not a photoshop guru.

Those things are commonly done in photoshop.  You might hire someone to do it, or learn.  However, unless you do that type of thing frequently, its not likely worth the effort of learning it. Its common to move eyes apart or closer, to make a face look better, or make a nose smaller. :)
Agreed!  In my workflow I commonly will hit blemishes, possibly lighten up the bags or wrinkles and that's it.  I do additional editing for my clients and discuss it up front.  If they are wanting roads removed or wires, chairs, people or anything else, fixing teeth and the such, they know right up front that they will incur a charge of $100 per hour for the extra editing requirements. 

If they know they want it upfront, it is a part of my contract with them.  If they don't decide until the day of the shoot, I always have a short amendment to the contract with me or I write it in and we all initial it on the original contract that I take to the shoot with me...

If they really want the editing, they always pay for it.  Sometimes they will ask if I can give them a better deal, like $50 per hour.  I'll generally bend... but I'll always charge for it!  ;D

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Re: Random Thoughts
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2013, 11:46:51 PM »