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    Well, congratulations. You’ve convinced me. After reading these forums all of the erudite and eloquent comments have convinced me to totally toss my vast collection of Canon cameras and lenses and seek a better alternative.
With that in mind I have hired the entire graduating class of the closest Art Institute of America location to follow me around and paint everything I used to take photos of on primitive digital camera equipment. It is a simple point and shoot interface. I point at something and one of the kids sits down and starts to draw it. The image quality is superb. No matter how much you magnify the images, you can’t get down to the pixel level, unless you are using the pointillist module. Well, I suppose you can with an atomic force microscope, but it will be a few years before I can afford accessories like that. Depth of field and dynamic range are infinitely flexible.
    Processing time is slower than with my 7d. Some images can take months to develop. But the filters are amazing. The impressionist module does wonderful things with landscapes and abstract module makes portraits fun and surprising. The tagger module allows for incredible enlargements, limited only by the size of available wall space.
    Granted, my system is a little expensive and clearly not for everyone. It came as surprise that artists these days expect to eat every day. Storage is also a challenge. However, I believe that anyone who is serious about producing great images will quickly realize that my setup is the only conceivable way to get the kind of images we all know we want. Anything less is ludicrous.

Well ... Errrr.... Goodbye then!

The noble thing to do is donate your gear to charity

Happy APril 1 (even if it is only 31 March)

Could you please list all your Canon gear with the price you want to sell them for? No sarcasm here.


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