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Goodbye Cruel Canon

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As some have noted, this is a humor post. I am hoping that few posters who seemed to take it seriously were just joining in the fun. For the humor deficient, I am parodying the trolls who feel the need to jump into any new equipment thread and declare that they are done with Canon for good unless Canon comes out with a gigapixel camera for fifty bucks in the next thirty minutes.
I actually came up with the concept because I was once afflicted with a number of audiophile acquaintances who could (and did) go on for hours about how their $200 speaker wire made music so much more lifelike than that plebeian $100 speaker wire and that MP3s were the work of the devil. So I created a post saying how recorded music is passe an that the true music aficionado has a strolling chamber orchestra and chorale that follows them around. I figured this would be the visual equivalent.


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