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Author Topic: Any risk of 1DC overheating on a 1 hour 4K video?  (Read 7173 times)


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Re: Any risk of 1DC overheating on a 1 hour 4K video?
« Reply #30 on: May 12, 2013, 08:41:36 PM »
Thanks for the many answers all of you have provided!
That calculation doesn't mean that the unit will produce 12.6 WATTS of heat. That just means that the CONSUMPTION of the camera. Heat is wasted power during consumption.
Unlike motors and flashlights that convert part of the consumed energy into other forms of energy (than heat), computers and cameras convert all the consumed energy into heat. Hopefully some useful bits of information is processed during the power consumption/heat generation...

Since my main usage will be shooting continuous video, in 5-30 minute clips, but, shot continuously, the heat generation and possible overheating is a real concern for me. One of the replies indicates that more heat is generated close to the handle and the CF cards. I might consider removing the CF compartment cover. In theory a very small external fan (but inside the housing) could be positioned to cool the CF cards, but, the space inside the prefabricated aluminium dive housing is extremely limited.

There have been several encouraging messages from current (land based) 1DC users that overheating *might* not be an issue after all. I have also noticed an increasing number of 1DC videos on vimeo - this is an indication of a growing user base, and there already seems to be more videos made by 1DC than 1DIV (my current camera).
As I have mentioned before , if you are using a metal dive casing you can use direct contact instead of fan for heat dissipation. 
PS you cannot take photo during live view in 4k mode, you can configure the shutter release to turn on/off recording video+AF if you do not have enough button on the dive casing


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Re: Any risk of 1DC overheating on a 1 hour 4K video?
« Reply #31 on: May 18, 2013, 02:17:46 PM »
Time for an update!

The reason why Canon still hasn't publicly announce the 25p firmware for 1D C is that they found a serious defect in the initial release (version 1.1.9 in early May), their official word is "image tearing can sometimes occur during recording". So they stopped updating cameras with this version and delayed the announcement to end-of-May (as of writing). Currently they are still working on revised version and further delay could be possible.

1D C owners, please be patient   :)