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Canon prices after 30th of March ?

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Hi all.

Anyone heard anything ? Any new special prices coming ?


Give it a few days after holidays. Pricing is kinda odd right now. I'm looking at Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II and currently it is less expensive in Canada than in the US.  :o

Mt Spokane Photography:
Prices depend on Canon's inventory levels.  They have sales when inventory is too high.  They like to keep their factories running at their best efficiency.
We do not have any details about lens inventory, but its a safe bet, given the world economy that there is a surplus.
I expect another sale soon, but went ahead and bought a 24-70mm LMK II  at the last minute :)
One thing to consider is that May and June are the best selling months (other than big sales at Christmas).  People planning vacations, wedding photographers, etc buy them in the late spring.  If inventory is low, there will be no sales.
You could also read the CR post.

Like I said - wait a bit after the month start and the holidays. Price for Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II already dropped to or below its March pricing. Not sure about other stuff though...

Mt Spokane Photography:
Actually, I have noticed that prices actually dropped a little.  Perhaps camera dealers paid for some large allotments at the reduced price and will continue selling low until they're gone.
You can still find a deal.


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