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Save $1000 on the Canon EOS C100

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Canon Rumors:
From B&H Photo

There is an instant savings of $1000 off the Canon EOS C100 cinema camera. The price is good until April 11, 2013.
Canon EOS C100 at B&H Photo $5499 (save $1000)

Still extremely expensive, as soon as the BMC 4K camera hits the stores.
For another $2K less you get 4K instead of 1080p, 10-bit prores instead of 8-bit 4:2:0 H.264, and global shutter.
Yes, I know it does have some downsides. But it's much cheaper, and better where it counts most (to me).

Actually, there is a lot the BMD cam DOESN'T have for $4k. ND filters, XLR/Phantom power, removable batteries, and many other things that should just be part of a video camera. The BMD cam requires a lot of accessories to be ready to shoot. I commend Canon for actually making nice cameras still – many of the other manufactures have lost focus on what makes a useable camera.


The 1DC doesn't have ND filters or XLR inputs either. And, still, it's 4 times the price of the BMC-4K, even though it records 8-bit H.264 instead of 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes or 12-bit RAW.

Plaid Zebra Films:
FYI, I bought a C100 on March 18th and was able to call Adorama today and get them to give me $1000 in store credit.


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