June 25, 2018, 02:06:38 PM

Author Topic: So ready for a move up from 450D - But how big? 5DMIII / 6D or ..? Edit: DONE !!  (Read 14555 times)


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Congrats, enjoy ur new tools  8)

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Hello again.
I am having a great time. Very happy with the new 6D sofar.

I add two samples.
In no way photo-art. But they both show me lots of promises on what this camera can do.
It resolves and renders delicately (swan's feathers / water surface)
And it does a good job regarding focus (I tried a bit of BIF, which is not my regular domain).

Much more playing / testing / gaining experience to be done - love it.
Enjoying photography very much - and that includes the technicalities as well as the planning, shooting and post-processing. Equipment is centered around a Canon 6D.

canon rumors FORUM