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Re: What editing software do you use?
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1. Import & rename on the fly with BreezeBrowser Download Pro. This is set up to send files both to my main HDD and also to a big folder I've called "Downloader Backups" on my NAS. It also attaches a custom job code to the files.

2. View, sort and rank and keyword the shoot in the ridiculously fast PhotoMechanic which has recently shipped an all new Version 5. This is the image browser of choice for photographers worldwide who work with very large numbers of image files. Mac or PC. There's a 30 day fully functional test-drive available for download. Sorting & ranking in LR or Bridge is just far too slow for busy photographers working with very large numbers of files.

3. The selected RAW files from PhotoMechanic are dragged onto Adobes free DNG converter to be converted to DNG. From this point I have a 100% DNG workflow.

4. DNG files are imported into Lightroom for conversion to either 8 bit or 16 bit TIFF files. Colour correction happen here, as do a number of global and local adjustments. Local adjustments while useful in LR, are slow and cumbersome compared to Photoshop.

5. Then it's Photoshop's turn. I like to run every image I shoot through Photoshop because my professional reputation is built on high quality file delivery. Using Actions, you can refine a folder of a couple of hundred images in a bit over an hour. Obviously some jobs require more time spent on individual files. Whatever is needed on the day.

6. I deliver a web gallery to clients, so it's back to Lightroom to create this.

7. Most jobs are burned to DVD. I burn two discs simultaneously using Nero Burning ROM. One for the client, one for my archive.

8. Smaller jobs are delivered in a zipped folder by FTP for the client to download. My perfectly functional, simple FTP client is the freeware Filezilla which is also used to upload web galleries.

So there you have it. Along the workflow other programs sometimes come into play. The Nik Suite is occasionally useful, Primatte for greenscreen extractions, Portrait Professional used VERY carefully and minimally for some facial enhancements.

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Re: What editing software do you use?
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Re: What editing software do you use?
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Thanks PW ;)

To be honest. My 4yrs daughter is a pre-schooler, in a small private catholic church in CA. Next year, I plan to do some fund raising for the school and church. Therefore, I decided to use my amerture photography skills and gear to the test. I plan to buy green background, studio light strobe set, seasonal(summer, fall, spring, winter, x-mas, holidays etc) digital backgrounds and of course editing software to make this happen.

I hope the plan will work and create some money for school and church. So far, I received 125 families willing to help to make this happen and they will spread the words for this project.

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Re: What editing software do you use?
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LR for cataloging and Raw conversion, exporting, ...  Photoshop for nearly everthing else (plus a whole bunch of plugins)


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Re: What editing software do you use?
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@PWP thanks for sharing your workflow. I guess as a pro you'd need all that though I find LR is good enough for 90% of editing, sorting and exporting needs. I usually deal with around 500-1000 images at a time. The hardest part is figuring out the ones I want to work on or are worth working on. I wish LR loupe view zoom function was faster. I just put it in develop mode it seems to load the zoom a lot faster.

Anyway other programs I use include CS5 for retouching, sharpening using unsharp mask and and then back into LR. I don't export directly from photoshop because when I do the color becomes desaturated when viewed on the web (I can't figure out why only on web and not my laptop). When I send the file back to LR and export from there everything looks fine.

Nik software is also really useful. I use silver efex and it works well for black and white conversion. A few clicks and your done. The high structure preset is usually what I'm looking for.

Looking for a better way to handle NR. I want to do it selectively. What do u guys use? The LR one work OK but only works on the entire image. No way to mask it.

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Re: What editing software do you use?
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photomechanic to sort and rate (sometimes FPV)

each time I tried LR it seems HIDEOUSLY slow, really bad for sorting and rating if you need to be able to peek at 100% to check for focus/motion blur and such


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Re: What editing software do you use?
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LR 4 for organizing and basic editing
If the image requires additional editing, I use CS6 along with Nik & On One Plugins
Once in a while I do mess around with iPhoto and Aperture
For adding frames I prefer Diptic & iFrame for their simplicity and ease.
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Re: What editing software do you use?
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