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Nikon to launch D800 D4 this Month?

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Well according to Thom Hogan Nikon will announce these two 24th August with delivery late this year.  Why's it important to us?  Well a certain other rumour which suggested Canon was holding back the 5D MkIII and the 1Ds MkIV because of a lack of direct competition from Nikon.
If these two are launched this month can the two long awaited Canon rivals be far behind?

I think the 1Ds IV will be anounced around September, the 5DMKIII around easter next year..

Mt Spokane Photography:
I'm sure Canon is well aware of what Nikon is doing, and the reverse is true as well.  The companies are able to gather information about each other.  They do not publish it, of course, or their sources would be in trouble.

So, Yes.  I expect that we will see new competiting cameras.

The Nikon announcement for august has been rumored for several months now, and they do leak this type of information well in advance.

Yep, I expect Canon to announce 1 body either end of Aug or early September - Nikon / Sony / Canon sometimes have a nack of launching & annoucing quite close to each other, so I expect something within a week or so. Nikon normally announce & can ship quite quickly, Canon announce then ship months later  ;)

Given Nikon Rumors & Thom seem to indicate the D4/D400 and not the D4X, I would guess that Canon intend the IDs IV and perhaps another in the G series, and will release the 5D MK III next year (so one does not steal the other's thunder) , but hey we could all be pleasantly surprised - and guessing is just that - no more likely or unlikely to be correct  :D

As mentioned, there is an uncanny likelihood of similar features across Canon & Nikon bodies which comes across like inside information...

Those of us waiting for announcements of the 5DIII and 1DsIV. Could sure hope so, that this Nikon announcement rumor i true. IF it is, it would probably "force" Canon to put up with some announcements as well. Which I would be very happy to see!

To me it seems most reasonable that Canon launches the 1DsIV first, but it depends on the Nikon announcements as well. Though it for me would be best to see a 5DIII first!

Like many others i'm waiting for the 5DIII


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