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the rebate program... what a sham!

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I have been lurking on this site for over a year now...  actually since the first rumors of the new 5D Mark III surfaced a while back.  I had been tracking the costs for over a year I planned to buy one when they were originally released.  A series of financial setbacks and other responsibilities prevented this from occurring last year on now is my time to get one.  Actually April 26th I will pull the trigger.  I was excited to see this rebate program was starting and thought top myself, wow... I can save a bit of money.  I had my wish list all set of a very popular NYC camera store and tracked the pricing closely.  Then the rebate program comes along and everyone raises their pricing to offer a rebate which actually makes the price higher than it was before the rebate program.  I have waited so long I may choice to wait longer.  Seriously is anyone fooled by this marketing ploy?  Raise the price than offer rebate to make the illusion of savings.  Only two companies I have seen keep their pricing low.  One scares me because of it's negative customer reviews online and maybe the other will get my business.  It just seems so bogus. 

I bought a 600EX-RT a couple of weeks ago.  With the rebate, it's $50 cheaper today. I may just buy another before the rebates end...

Mt Spokane Photography:
Its nothing new, been going on for years.  This is the 2nd thread on the subject.

So don't buy the thing! Wouldn't want to fall for a sham . . .

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from my limited observation it seems that this "higher price after rebate than before" is much more prevalent now that Canon has, forgot the exact term, but it's "minimum price" policy in place.

I thought when I watched the rebates before, the net effect was almost always lower prices (not by nearly as much as the rebate, though), whereas now it's not.  And I did notice the the prices of the bodies went up substantially when the rebates started while the lenses seem to be mostly a wash.


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