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Author Topic: Timer Shutters and Remote Shutters...recommend manufacturer  (Read 2762 times)


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Re: Timer Shutters and Remote Shutters...recommend manufacturer
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2013, 10:05:02 AM »
It can be concealed in my hand (barely) when I'm in a shot.
Isn't that what the 3-second delay is for? Press button, slip remote into pocket / turn palm / whatever....

If it was just me, sure. But in a family portrait with multiple young kids, shooting several shots in relatively quick succession can help capture the kids' expressions, hopefully without those darn silly faces they think are funny...

Well, in that case, I'd suggest a prescription for some drugs. Lots of happy drugs, for the kids and you both.

But, in seriousness, I'm reminded of the promo video Canon recently put out about extracting stills from 4K video shot with the 1DC. Set up the scene as usual but with the modeling lamps on your lights turned up enough so that they're providing enough light for the video. Don't hide the camera remote in your hand; hide the flash remote. And be recording video the whole time, without telling them that that's what you're doing. Then do the whole "Say 'Cheese!'" bit, pop the flash...and, in post, ignore the flash pops and instead extract the video frames where the kids were sufficiently non-silly and everybody was actually looking at the camera.