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Straight Photos with SLR camera

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I am not very experienced in photography yet. I am doing lots of practice on my camera to improve my skills. Yet I have a problem that many of my photos do not come out straight. After I shoot them I have to straighten it in Photoshop (which is very time consuming). I never had this problem with my point and shoot camera, it only happens with my digital SLR. Any suggestions??

You should take a picture of yourself taking a picture in a mirror. You probably are not used to the weight of a DSLR... that or your holding it incorrectly.

Most right handed people have the left hand cupped under the lens and the right hand on body itself. If you are trying to hold the body with both hands (one on each side) then there's no telling how it will come out and it's just plain weird.

Are they consistently skewed in the same direction?  It could be that in pushing the shutter release you're inadvertently rotating the camera clockwise.

The 60D and 7D have an electronic level which can be displayed in the viewfinder or on the rear LCD in Live View.  There are also hot shoe-mounted bubble levels (e.g. this one).  The hot shoe solution is good for tripod use, not so much for handheld.

I took a picture of myself in the mirror. I am holding the camera right (left hand on lens and right hand on zoom). I only have this problem when taking vertical pics.


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