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Street Photography 35mm/50mm + DC?Help

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I'm using 5DIII+135mm at time.Trying to get new lens for walk around street photography.I came out with these combos.can anyone give me some advice?

1. Canon 35mm f/1.4 + 50mm f/1.2
2. Sigma 35mm f/1.4 + 50mm f/1.2 + Fuji x20
3. Fuji x100x(35mm)  + 50mm f/1.2 + Canon 85mm f/1.8
4. Sigma or Canon 35mm + 50mm f/1.4 +Canon 85f/1.8

anyone share some experience?thanks :D

No 40mm pancake huh? Seems too close to either 35 or 50 anyway.

Just wait a bit til the pros chime in. And welcome to CanonRumors! :D

Voted option #4. Sigma 30 is awesome, and will save you some money over the L. As far as a 50, I think you'll have a hard time using that 1.2 aperture on the L, because street is usually not about absurd bokeh. Since you're likely to want to stop down a bit for more DoF, again, the 50 1.4 will save you a lot of money. Personally, I find 85 a bit long for street photography on crop, but I like the look my 50 gives, which is about equivalent to 85 on FF. Plus, 3 lenses is greater than two! And if you find yourself not using/liking one, you can always sell it.

24-105 works for me. Small + unobtrusive, IS, sharp, and versatile zoom range for the street. The 5D3 has plenty of high-iso chops to make up for the lens speed. Below are @ 12,800:

Elvis by 8201, on Flickr

On the Street by 8201, on Flickr

if you really really really into street photography, then 28-300mm might be your choice imo.  jay maisel has been doing street photography for years and he is, most of the time, on the street with his 18-300mm.

however, for me, since i like street photogrpahy but not that really really really and not my main focus, i am either using my 24-105mm or 50mmm... only one lens when hitting the street...  :P


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