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Lightroom 4 performance
« on: April 24, 2013, 06:41:34 AM »
(If a similar thread evaded my search, please point it out ad I will move this post)
Like so many others here, I am learning more and more about Lightroom as I grow as a photographer. I love the ability to both manage my vastly growing collection plus do most of the PP that I need on a weekly basis.
As I upgraded to bigger file sizes (Full raw from 5Dmk3) as well as started using more advanced (and possibly much heavier) PP in Lightroom I am however experiencing some MASSIVE performance issues.

Granted, Lr was never superfast, but I never took the endless Lr complaints seriously until recently. Sometimes I will wait through a 10sec "lag-spike" not sure if Lr is actually working or just taking  a deserved break. The reason that I am writing this lengthy post is that I a very curious to find out if this is a Lr issue or if something is off with my system.
A week ago, someone (my new nemesis it would appear) sat on my just month old Thinkpad W530 and whereas no obvious damage happened I can't help but worry. During the last week, I have seen the aforementioned 10sec spikes for the first time, but I have also been playing with some HEAVY PP (spamming multiple dense presets, experimenting with artistic ideas)
Being a philosophy major, I am always cautious to mistake causality with coincidence and seeing as the lag-spikes are irregular, for now, I don't have a problem that can be replicated, should I choose to send in my laptop for good measure.
So I guess I am interested to hear what kind of performance issues you guys might have had with Lr on a reasonable fast machine and how you solved them.
Also, I was wondering if some Lr-based benchmark exists (similar to premiere pro, where some users have created a benchmark-project that you can download and time to compare your system speed to others)

My machine is an i7 3720QM 2.6 - 32GB DDR3 - 2x 256GB SATA6 SSD - quadro K2000M 2GB Running win pro x64 and Lr 4.4.
I am using the built-in x-rite color calibrator

I have read that one might see a performance increase from making a new catalog per project. My current catalog is around 40.000 pics (around half offline) How big a factor is this?
I am using custom camera calibration (using the VSCO film-ones quite often) plus pulling many if not all sliders (learning by doing) Could this in itself be enough to cause the spikes? (I use spot tools VERY rarely, but I crop alot)
My windows is pretty well kept the pc is rather new and I tune it once in a while (sfc /scannow etc)
When I export/render, the cpu is very busy, but when I get the spikes and unresponsive behavior in Lr, the cpu is often fairly idle.. so what gives?
Is there something I am missing?

edit: seeing as I have 2 separate SSD's in my machine, any advice on optimal placement of folders? (ACR cache (set to 20GB), catalog, preview files (I always generate 1:1) and actual photos (I keep my projects on internal SSD while working on them)
Edit2: Tried replacing my preference-file as suggested in other forums - no change.
Disabling the "detail" pane however, seems to have an enormous effect on performance. Does anyone know of a way to disable a pane globally ?
(In the future I will deal with sharpness and noise just before exporting, but for all my pics that already have these changes, this of course is not an option)
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Lightroom 4 performance
« on: April 24, 2013, 06:41:34 AM »