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Best shop & sharp prices in California (Van Nuys)?

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Can someone advice me where to buy the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 MKII in California? Should be close to Van Nuys. I am not there to test the lens myself. So, it is an order by maildelivery and addressed to my friends. They won't be able to test it, they just take it abroad.
In that context it must be a reliable shop and with some sharp prices.

Try CanogaCamera - very reliable local shop.

Mt Spokane Photography:
The reliability of a shop does not imply that they deliver lenses with no issues.  Shops do not test lenses, and most of them don't have employees that are capable of evaluating one.  They are reliable in that they deliver what you ordered.
The only place I know of that sells lenses that have been tested for sharpness and other issues is Lens Rentals.  They test their used Rental lenses before selling them.  You might notice that they give a measured resolution in the description for each lens.

I live in Southern California and buy some of my gear from Samy's Camera. They are a reputable dealer and have knowledgable staff. If their price is higher than B&H, ask for a price match.

Thanks. That's an interesting shop. It does not provide clear information about ordering online and delivery & return conditions. The shop has however branches at a few locations. Need to see if my friends can go there and pick it up.

@Ew, interesting website as well. Though they have a shop, it looks like they are mainly into delivery.
What's your experience with delivery?

@Mt Spokane
Good point about testing new lenses. Same here in the Netherlands. And yes, here they too check the lenses before they resell. So a used lens would be an option though I haven't seen a Canon 24-70 f/2.8 MKII

Isn't there a US national website where you can read reviews of customers about their experience with camerashops (service, delvery, knowledge etc) ?


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