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Lost a 5DIII. Deciding how to replace. Big Value = Bad Idea?

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This past week my house was robbed and I lost my 5DMkIII along with the 24-70MkII that was attached to it.  Strangely not the Ona bag that it was in with another couple lenses in it.  But no complaining there. 

Anyways... my homeowners insurance is going to cover it.  Thank god.  Now I'm left with some decisions. 

I'd like to replace my 5D with another one.  And obviously the price at Big Value is pretty good.  But I've seen conflicting information in the forums about whether it matters warranty-wise whether they're a Canon Authorized dealer. 

So I'm looking on some input on: Is buying from Big Value a bad idea?  I'd like to have the warranty, but am not sure that's worth $450, if there really is no warranty.  It definitely says Canon USA Warranty on the ebay listing. 

Secondly, if I can't take advantage of that, I might look at getting a 6D, which wasn't out when I purchased my 5D.  I know this issue has been beat to death, but it would help me if someone could sum up the main points for me.  What I think I'm hearing is same still quality, slightly slower autofocus, worse video.  But if anyone has any real life examples with both, that would help me out a lot. 

Thanks for your help on either of these questions!

Sorry for your loss. If you think you'll never shoot action seriously at all the 6D isn't bad. But there are far more advantages to the 5D mark III than just AF which is already huge by itself. Example is dual card slots and the way controls are set up... IQ is about the same in terms of ISO performance with the 6D being a touch better, but I like the colors from the 5D mark III a little better. But If its worth it to you and know you'll save a a lot of money then a 6D is actually not a bad camera and I appreciate mine for what it can do.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about warrentees and non authorized sellers. It really boils down to this. If you want full canon USA warrentee with no hassles buy from an authorized reseller (and keep your receipt) i.e. amazon, adorama, bH ET al. The difference when buying from a non authorized seller is simply that canon can refuse to warrantee it. That's not to say they will, but you leave it in their hands and they are entirely within their rights to do so. So the warrantee then falls to the reseller, in your case big value. If they will service and repair it for the 12 months from purchase like canon then you don't lose much just who you are dealing with. As always caveat emptor

when I read the title I jumped to the conclusion that you were connecting the robbery to your purchase at big value.  Like they sold your address and information and criminals then targeted you.   Obviously that isn't what you were saying,  but it may warrant a revision.

Sorry for your loss even though your insurance company will replace it.  I just wanted to add that there is a website, I think its called STOLEN CAMERA FINDER, that can search for your camera if the thief posts images publicly with the stolen camera.  They apparently track this down through the metadata encoded in the images, so I'm told.  Its worth a look IMO.

Secondly, you can purchase insurance to cover your camera gear through several different insurance carriers like Farmers even if you don't have a home or auto policy with them, they will write you a policy and its much cheaper than replacement warranties.

Wish you luck!


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