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Lost a 5DIII. Deciding how to replace. Big Value = Bad Idea?

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Most home owners policies will reimburse you for what you spend replacing the equipment.  So I would buy from a reputable dealer where you know you will have a warranty.  You aren't "saving any money" because insurance will want to see your receipt from the purchase.  I went through this with a diamond ring a year ago.  If you pick out something that's half the price to replace it with, then that's all they are paying you, not the full price of what you originally paid.

So go ahead and pay full price from somewhere you trust.  Same for the lens.


Sorry for your loss ... my 24-70 L II was stolen a few months ago, so I can somewhat understand what it feels like. BTW, have you considered a refurbished 5D MK III? that will save you some good money.

i've never owned either a 5D or a 6D so i can't address which might be the smarter buying choice for you. i've always owned 1D's. i had a problem with my 1D-X recently that required a repair by canon's repair center. the cost of the repair was over $300 and canon did it all for "free" since it was covered under the 1-year warranty. i had to send in my sales slip as proof of purchase with the camera to take advantage of the warranty.

i would definitely want a warranty with a new camera.

If a company is not an authorized reseller, where do they get their product?


--- Quote from: wtf100 on April 26, 2013, 04:21:58 PM ---If a company is not an authorized reseller, where do they get their product?

--- End quote ---
they are like me.   they buy a kit at a great price,  split the lens and the body and sell both for a small profit on each.   I've been doing thatforyears.  usually with the 18-135  lens though. 


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