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NEW 8-7-2014 --- Posting Images - Now Thumbnails


CR Backup Admin:
Images can be posted on our site by clicking the insert image icon (far left lower row) and inserting the url of the image on your website.   The image will display no larger than 800 X 800 pixels.  If the image is larger than 800 X 800, clicking on it will show it full size, but cropped to 800 X 800 so it may not be useful.

As a alternative, you can attach up to 10 images to your post, totaling no more than 10MB.  The Image display is a 200 X 200 thumbnail and can be clicked to enlarge.  This was done to decrease loading time for posts with many images.

I hope that this helps you post your images.  Flickr has there own set of rules for getting a link, and I don't use it, I know it changes regularly.


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