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Author Topic: Street Photography Advice... now with Eos-M  (Read 13648 times)


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Re: Street Photography Advice...
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I am going to be useless and suggest the x-e1 or xpro1. (i know this is possibly making the decision harder but......)

I am also going on a trip this summer (Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic), and much like you I have 5D3, 70-200isII, 24-702.8II, 16-35II, 100-400is, zeiss 50, 85, 40, and a few older cheap zooms, plus all my film equipment, flashes, accessories, you get the picture......

I decided to buy the X-E1. I have done a fair bit of shooting/testing with it and the image quality is suburb! (14, 18, 35, 60 lenses)

I feel like this is a ideal travel camera because of its small un-intruding size and its minimal weight. I feel like the 5d3 70-200 combo weights more then my whole Fuji kit (I am almost certainly wrong but it feels this way!!!). I will say I lean more towards landscape and city-scape where the Fuji's major flaw is less of an issue. As you may have read elsewhere the focusing can be slow and under certain circumstances hunt a fair bit. I am not a major street shooter so the magnitude of this drawback is unknown to me, but for the little bit I do it has worked.

I also should mention I reached this decision as I will NOT have somewhere safe to leave my camera, as such I will have it with me 24-7 for 1 month. I was not so afraid of the theft of my canon gear as I was concerned with the weight after a week or two (begin to hate carrying it and as resentment grows stop taking pictures all together, which defeats the one of the reasons I am going :( ). for you this may not be as large of an issue, either with weight or safe keeping.

I am also traveling with laptop tons of filters, tripod, accessories as such the weight like I mentioned was a MAJOR factor. But as much as I wanted to shave weight I ultimately "have" to have "great" photos, and to that extent the Fuji DOESN'T disappoint one bit. 

I hope this if nothing else makes your final decision with one of the options you presented above more "cross-referenced" for lack of a better word

-I swore the next lens/camera purchase I was going to make was the 35 sigma, not one bit disappointed not having it even though I desperately miss my 35L....
-fuji x100s as a secondary to the 5d3 is a great idea IMHO and based on my experiences with my Fuji you will love it.
-I have NO experiences with Leica, other then laser distance finders so no comment or comparison here :(
- regardless of what you buy and ultimately travel with I am certain you will have great photos and have a total blast!!

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Re: Street Photography Advice...
« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2013, 10:19:31 PM »


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Re: Street Photography Advice...
« Reply #16 on: July 06, 2013, 12:56:58 PM »
so i am getting even closer to the trip! i leave on july 20!
I made a pretty quick mindset change when i saw the eos-m going fo so cheap. i caved and ordered it. with the 22mm.
i think i will enjoy it as 35mm has quickly become my favorite shooting length.
any owners have any reviews for street photography especially with the new firmware upgrade.
i am going there for a purpose so i will also be taking video equipment along with my camera equipment. so i will without a doubt have my 5dm3 plus 16-35 i am just hoping the M will make it a little bit more fun. thanks for everyones advice and encouragement. I think i will also remember everyones comments to also enjoy the location and not try to overwhelm my self with just always hunting for shots...


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Re: Street Photography Advice... now with Eos-M
« Reply #17 on: July 08, 2013, 03:57:34 PM »
You might consider the Fuji XE1 or the newly released XM1 which will have an articulating screen which might make this a great camera for street photography.  One of the assets of the XE1 & the XM1 is the options to choose a focal length whereas the X100s is limited in that regard.
I picked up a used XE1 with two lenses: 20mm f2.0 and 35mm f1.4 that are both stellar lightweight and sharp lenses. 
The XM1 is a bit smaller than the XE1 hence, more pocket-able.  I carried the XE1 for about 10 hours at an amusement park with both lenses and never once felt fatigued with extra weight and didn't really attract any attention that you might get from a big-white or 5D body.
If nothing else, rent the camera and a few lenses to check them out first. This is what I did before buying a used set.
Lastly, there is also the Canon EOS-M which use your other Canon EF lenses with the Canon adapter. 

Best of luck
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Re: Street Photography Advice...
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Two things:
1, End of summer it will rain quite a lot, take that into account
2, Jakarta can be a rather dangerous city, if possible get a local guide to go with you and keep your gear close


These are two very important points for you to think about. Generally AP is very, very safe, but Jakarta is one place you do have to be very careful when wandering the streets.

It is an enormous, sprawling city, with some of the worse traffic you have ever seen, and there is no train (underground or skytrain) system to speak of. Throw rain, heat and humidity into that mix and not a lot of people walk great distances.

I love Jakarta, and the whole of Indonesia, but do be very careful and pack your gear accordingly.

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Re: Street Photography Advice... now with Eos-M
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If you want to be stealthy and get up close, use as small of a camera as you can.  I only have a DSLR, so I have to use the long lens and snipe from a distance.  I prefer this method as I do not like to be seen and don't want people to know.  Hard to do with a big white lens, so I'll hide and wait for the right moment.  I also can't stand the idea of using a flash when photographing people on the street.  If you don't mind annoying your victims, go for it.  Eric Kim doesn't seem to mind.
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Re: Street Photography Advice... now with Eos-M
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