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Hi guys! Well, I was reading about this auction which offers you to have a cup of coffee with Tim Cook at Apple headquarters. It's 17 days left and the current bid is already over $600k.

So, I was wondering how much would you pay to talk to the Canon Chairman or someone who's is directly in charge of development of Canon photo gear? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  :)

Depends - would the cup of coffee (or tea, as the case may be) include an NDA and disclosure of upcoming plans?  Somehow I doubt Tim Cook will divulge the details of the iPhone 6 or the forthcoming iWatch and iToaster...

I would pay exactly .23 cents.

They are allowed to invite me.
Rumors (!) said, they are well paid for their visionary decisions and leadership.....

Not really interested interesting in meeting a canon Exec socially.

If I could get the inside scope (via an NDA) that would be interesting.  Of course, my lips would need to be sown shut.   :-X


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