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How much would you pay?

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Interesting. Cook hasn't really proven himself (at least to me) to be a terribly effective leader in the wake of Jobs death. Now Jobs was definitely a visionary, if also a huge @sshole from time to time, but he seemed to get the best out of his people and they either loved him or hated him for it.  Cook seems almost like a place holder until apple can invent the iSteve.  Personally I'd rather meet Warren Buffet or michael Bloomberg (buffet also auctions off his time for a charity each year if I remember).

Why pay money to see a loser, the leader and visionary is gone the fall of apple has begun :'(
If I saw the Canon bigwig stranded outside my house in a blizzard, I'd shelter him for only $50,000 per day. I'm sure he would understand and agree with my pricing.

He would have to pay more to use my photo equipment while he was here, and anytime I took a picture he would be required to remove my lens cap and hold it.

I wouldn't pay a penny to meet any of these people.  I don't see what I have to gain from them.

$50 maybe... and I'm hesitant to do even that...


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