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Re: Need Some Advice
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I think your lens line up is more than enough.  Put the 50mm 1.8 (for head shots) or 28mm (for normal shots) with your T2i, and the 24-105 with your 5D3 and you're set.  What you need is another flash and you're set. 

My regular setup are a Ti1 with 28mm F1.8/55-250 and a 5D2 with a 50mm F1.4/24-105 L and 2 nissin speedlights.  They're more than enough to cover the whole wedding.  Most of the time, it's the 5D2 + 50mm for me.  24-105 will only get used for group shots.

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Re: Need Some Advice
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Re: Need Some Advice
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You have all you need except: confidence & experience.

Crack the manual.  Get your partner kids neighbour colleagues to pose in low light conditions. practice. practice. practice.

oh and practice.

Train hard fight easy.

think 'i'm possible' not impossible.

don't buy any more gear.

you want to spend your time taking pics, not changing lenses or fretting about which of your primes to use.

Put the 28 on the 5D.  Put the 50mm on the T2i.  Have the 85mm in your pocket.

Yes, the above advice (by another 'Paul') is close to the advice I give too. :)

I've been asked (not guilt tripped) into doing weddings for friends, and I've always made it clear that I'm doing this as a favour, as a friend - and don't expect shots like a seasoned pro photographer with $50k worth of gear.

Many times my friends have been very thankful with my shots (even back in the days before I had a DSLR!)  I have 2 Canon APS-C bodies.  Primes are important for weddings, both 1) often with low-light settings and 2) wanting to isolate subject (people / sometimes decor) from background

Practise is SO important.  Do a 'trial' with a couple of your friends in a similar / same environment. Don't change lenses too often if you can help it. Think about composition, light, ideas.  I often like a bit of distance b/w me and the couple / bridal party / guests (so having a bit of telephoto - eg 85mm helps).   ;)

While a bit different, this is related: often people tell me they are going to get a camera 'just before they go on holidays' (or to take photos of a friend's wedding - and what can I recommend).  I tell them get a camera NOW... practice a bit daily (or as often as time practically allows them).

Learn all the settings, functions, buttons, etc of your camera NOW. Read the manual 2 times, or more times if you've NEVER owned a camera before. Have it to hand. Many ppl have thanked me for that advice many times over, realising it's the practice that makes the difference, more than the actual equipment.   8)


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Re: Need Some Advice
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Thanks everyone for the advice and suggestions!

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Re: Need Some Advice
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