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Author Topic: New Tilt-Shift Lenses in the Wild [CR2]  (Read 7558 times)


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Re: New Tilt-Shift Lenses in the Wild [CR2]
« Reply #30 on: May 13, 2013, 07:52:21 PM »
I used befroe 24mm ts-e and now ı have 24mm ts-e II this is just gorgeous. İt is not like other lenses, CA, sharpness, build quality everything is awesome...

I this news is true ı will be waiting this new TS lenses....
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Re: New Tilt-Shift Lenses in the Wild [CR2]
« Reply #31 on: May 16, 2013, 04:21:48 AM »
I'm not too fussed with a pair of new longer TS-e lenses. The original TS-e lenses were better, the longer they were. The worse one was the TS-e 24mm L, which optically was the weakest of the bunch. The TS-e 45 and 90 were / are optically very good. When Canon realeased the new TS-e 17L and TS-e 24IIL, they created two stellar lenses and turned the tide of Canon weak wide lenses. Sure, there were a lot of new improvements too, like newer coating and a far better movement system (which allows tilt and shift in every possible combination at a flick of a switch). But the longer lenses don't need the same optical improvement, they are already very good. Sure, they could do with an improvement in their movement mechanism and newer coatings but I question the diffenence that a double in retail price will do to the final images. Sure a newer lens will be better, but probably not observable in the final photographic output. I have a TS-e 45mm and it's a very low use lens for me and not one I use THAT fact I don't know anyone who makes a lot of use for this niche lens.
I just get a feeling that Canon look at their lens portfolio and someone noticed that these two old lenses stick out a bit as old and legacy.