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Canon Tele lenses vs Nikon tele lenses ( both with converters )

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Hey ,
How come that it seems that canon lenses (seems to) play a lot better with Tc's?

for example:




It looks to consistent to be a flaw from the digital picture, also the nikon lenses without teleconverter look plenty sharp., also photographylife lens comparisons seems to confirm that the nikons are affected more by teleconverters ( in reviews i compare the crops form 300+1.4 to a 400 and the difference seems a lot more pronounced than in canon crops)

Just interested to an explanation, because it seems that the bare lenses perform really good.

Two words: Better glass.

Both for the lenses themselves and the teleconverters.

Mt Spokane Photography:
The Canon lenses without TC's are noticeably better.  TC's magnify any flaws, so the difference becomes grossly apparent.
The lack of Nikon top quality telephoto lenses is one reason I sold my D800.  They are finally upgrading them (example 80-400, 800), it will take years though to get to where Canon is today.

Interesting, i was not aware that the difference was that 'big'

Does that mean nikon has to update all their tele's and converters within 5 years if the MP's keep increasing ?

I can imagine 40-50+ mp sensors will expose flaws even more ( especially with tc's?)

I still think there's a severe lack of direct comparisons between the big lenses from both companies, one sample from one person is not enough. Ideally we should be looking at dozens of comparisons to average things out, but instead I can only find one or two direct comparisons between the various lenses. What's more, it seems like there's a lack of testing on Nikon lenses in general.
You almost get the feeling that everyone knows the Canon version is better, so all the Nikon owners just say "stick with the system you have", while Canon guys run around doing lots of tests, but don't have any Nikon lenses to compare with. So the IQ of Nikon lenses ends up being this enigma with no definition outside the usual comments.


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