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Author Topic: 5DMK3 new firmware - Silent shooting in "one shot" is now very loud???  (Read 9359 times)


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I haven't noticed any difference.

Same here.

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What were you hoping to fix with the new firmware? I sell enterprise software as my primary living and most customers do not want to be the early adopters of a new release.  I want to fix the focus performance with a speedlite AF-assist beam but do not want to get new problems.

I second Polarized's viewpoint.  I developed enterprise software for the past two decades and now oversee the architecture of such solutions.

In order to have a less error-prone upgrade or introducing odd behavior, I would recommend to anyone here that is upgrading their firmware to explicitly right-down (or take screenshots) of all settings and custom functions and then clear the entire camera back to factory defaults after you have upgraded the firmware.  Then, re-establish your settings.

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