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What's wrong with a grey import?

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Super dumb question: What's wrong with a grey import?

The price difference is about £170

I want to buy a 60D. A can get a kit for £530 from a retailer (online) that 'looks' reputable
I called and they are imports and the warranty is given by them - not Canon

Else, I can buy from a Canon approved centre for £700 + Canon have a cashback of £65 (if bought before the end of May)
Should I pay £100 more and buy a model that has a valid UK warranty?



No warranty service from Canon USA.

Canon USA has been honoring grey market warranties. Not sure about Canon UK (where the OP lives), and of course there's no guarantee they'll continue to do so.

Mt Spokane Photography:
The main drawback is that you are depending on the dealer to honor the warranty, and that may or may not happen.  Who will repair the camera if one of the focus points is not right, or if it does not focus accurately with your lens.  Do they use the Grace L Ferguson Storm door and Camera Repair Service, or do they pay Canon to repair it?
Most likely the former, but get it in writing.

"Grace L Ferguson Storm door and Camera Repair Service"
what's that?


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