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Canon EF 1x-24 ??


are there some substantial rumors that canon is working on such a lens?

or is it just a dream many of us share?

the 12-24 or 14-24 is a lens i desperately waiting for.

for me it does not even have to be f2.8.
it only has to be very sharp from center to corners with well controlled distortions.

Buzzzzzzzzz.  Alarm goes off, dream over.  :P

Seriously, I do expect they're working on a 14-24 or similar.  Given that Nikon's D800 is showing the flaws in their excellent 14-24/2.8, I expect Canon is taking their time to get it right.

Canon has patented a 14-24/2.8 design.

I would love to see this lens released in the next year or so.  But expect it to cost $2,500+.  Though I would gladly pay that... <24mm presents a bit of a hole in my camera bag.  Even with the Sigma 12-24mm... I'd love to have something faster with better corner performance.


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