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Adobe to Stop Making Packaged Software

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The Wall Street Journal is stating that Adobe is abandoning the packaged software model in favor of Creative Cloud, and plans no further release of Creative Suit after the current 6.0. I think this goes beyond just getting rid of the shrink wrap, the article says that subscription will be the only model.

--- Quote ---Shantanu Narayen, Adobe's chief executive, said creative professionals prefer features of the online service, he said, including the fact that it is constantly updated with new features. The company's subscription pricing also "scales the offering" from individual freelancers to the biggest enterprises.

"We wanted to align the company with the future of the creative process," Mr. Narayen said.
--- End quote ---

The article goes on to say the following:

--- Quote ---Adobe is offering existing Creative Suite customers discounts of about 40% on the first year of service. After that an annual contract costs $50 a month for individuals. Corporate subscriptions include cloud storage and administrative tools and cost $70 a month per user.
--- End quote ---

This seems like terrible news, I certainly don't need another cable bill just for my regular use of Lightroom and only occasional use of Photoshop.  There is no mention of what Lightroom or Photoshop alone will cost, but I don't like the idea of subscription.  Maybe competition in the workflow space will solve the problem. 

Here is CNET's take on the matter:

Brand B:
This will probably work fine for the professional market. But it will probably kill a lot of their amateur sales.  People who buy creative suite, and then don't upgrade for 2, 3 or 4 years.

That sucks. I'm still using CS3... perhaps I should shell out for CS6 before they move to this subscription model.

Forgetting the cost for a moment, how would Lightroom service even work? Half the time I use it, I am on my laptop away from the grid.  Are we going to have to load our photos upstream to the cloud in order to work on them?  That doesn't seem practical to me when you are dealing with a couple hundred images in LR.


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