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Author Topic: Anyone got Eye-Fi working with 5D3 with FW1.2.1?  (Read 349 times)


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Anyone got Eye-Fi working with 5D3 with FW1.2.1?
« on: May 06, 2013, 08:10:42 PM »
Has anyone had Eye-Fi problems since updating their firmware?

My camera will no longer activate my Eye-Fi card when I "enable it" in the menu.  It's not working but I don't know whether it's the new firmware or the card is just bad since I haven't used the Eye-fi wireless in awhile.

EDIT:  Never mind, I got it working.  It turns out that the firmware update changed playback of my dual cards to use the CF card which means images I lock as a flag to selective transfer via Eye-Fi wasn't getting recognized and thus the card didn't think there was any images to transfer.  Changing the playback card to the Eye-Fi card fixed this.

PS. the good news is that I haven't had any occasional Err80 issues since the firmware update, but it's perhaps too early to conclude that issue was completely resolved with the new firmware.
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