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Is An UWA Lens Useful on a Crop Sensor?

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     After stewing to upgrade to FF or not I've decided to stick with my trusty old T1i.  Not to brag, but I really get some great pics.  2 even ended up on our local TV station the other day as a backdrop when there's nothing on.
     I've got a Sigma 17-50, Canon 100 2.0 and Canon 200 2.8 II.  I use the primes for sports and the normal zoom for everything else.  There are times when I could use a little more width, but nothing that's a deal breaker. 
     So, of course, an UWA would help a little there, but in general is an UWA lens a good thing to have for getting more in and also for the distorted UWA look when getting up close?  Is it something that many enjoy having and using?

I found my EF-S 10-22mm to be very useful on APS-C. When I moved to FF, I got the 16-35L II - recapitulates the same AoV and has a constant f/2.8 that's useful for evenings and interiors.

Basically, only you can decide if wider than 17mm would be useful to you. Maybe pick up a used APS-C UWA zoom...

Random Orbits:
I like it.  I don't use it that much percentagewise, but I'm glad to have it when I do want those attributes.  I tend to use it more traveling, for indoor shots (esp. during the holidays when everything is decorated) and when I want to emphasize a foreground subject while giving a environmental background.  You'll have to think about shots/perspective differently, but isn't that part of the fun?   :)

On my old 30D I used the 10-22 really a lot, more often than I use my current 16-35 on the 5D3.

The 10-22 is really a good lens and yes I think it's useful.

The 10-22mm is a lens that I missed when I moved to FF. Nothing quite as distortion-less from canon yet...


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